Calvert County Profile

About Us

Calvert County is Maryland's smallest county in land area with 213 square miles. It is home to more than 92,000 people and has one of the highest standards of living in Maryland. There are more than 5,200 businesses in the county and a labor force of at least 1.8 million resides within a one-hour drive. Major industries include defense contracting, information technology, tourism and administrative services.

Calvert is a peninsula, bounded by the Chesapeake Bay on the east and the Patuxent River on the west. Steep cliffs and woods predominate on the bay side while along the Patuxent, rolling fields slip gently down to the river. The county's many creeks provide refuge for wildlife as well as scenic areas for boating and fishing. Containing approximately 213 square miles, the county is nine miles wide at its widest point, and 35 miles from the Anne Arundel line to Solomons. Learn more about our location and climate.

Government & Organization

Prince Frederick, the county seat, is located 35 miles southeast of Washington, D.C., and 55 miles south of Baltimore. There are two incorporated towns in Calvert County: North Beach and Chesapeake Beach, located on the bay at the northeast corner of the county. In addition, the Comprehensive Plan identifies seven "town centers." These include (from north to south) Dunkirk, Owings, Huntingtown, Prince Frederick, St. Leonard, Lusby, and Solomons. Learn more about our two municipalities.


The topography of Calvert County is variable and rugged. An upland plain runs generally in a northwest-southeast direction and forms the central spine of the county. On the Chesapeake Bay side, the upland terminates in high cliffs of clay, gravel and sand rising from the shoreline to maximum heights of 125 to 135 feet. These cliffs are famous for the prehistoric fossils and shark teeth that have been found in them. On the west, the upland areas slope toward the Patuxent River forming a level terrace commonly called "bottom land" and boasting some of the best farmland in the county. The elevation here varies from approximately 10 to 40 feet.