Six Outdoor Activities for your Family this Spring

At long last spring is in the air! Shake off cabin fever and head outside to enjoy the natural beauty in Calvert County. Here are six family-friendly outdoor activities to kick start the season: 

  1. Kite-Flying-CMMPlay in the Puddles – Put on your rain gear and play in puddles after a spring rain at Calvert Cliff State Park or Chesapeake Beach’s Bay Front Park. See who can make the biggest splash, make squishy sand pies, collect rain in different containers and listen to the sounds of the raindrops as they hit a metal, plastic or glass container. Find some old-fashioned fun when you make and float a leaf or twig boat.
  2. Catch the Wind – Grab a kite and run through the wind in a big field at Kings Landing Park, Dunkirk District Park, Hallowing Point Park or Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum. Lie down and watch clouds float by. Let your imagination run wild as shapes slowly appear.
  3. Get Moving – Take in the natural world around you as you stroll through the woods at the American Chestnut Land Trust, meander along the Chesapeake Beach Railway Trail or marvel at one of the northernmost stands of bald cypress trees in the United States along the boardwalk through Battle Creek Cypress Swamp Sanctuary.
  4. Go on a Flower Scavenger Hunt – Use your senses to experience spring; smell the flowers and listen to the birds chirp. Daffodils, delphinium, sweet pea and cherry blossoms burst forth in spring in Calvert County. Keep your eyes peeled and camera ready to catch some of the beauty. Biscoe Gray Heritage Farm has a native meadow with flowers that attracts butterflies and the Sunrise Garden in North Beach is a great place to spy some bright blooms. Share your photos with us and we may use them to promote Calvert County.
  5. purple-flower-acltWatch for Wildlife – Flip over a rock to see what lives underneath at Flag Ponds Nature Park, spy a spider weaving its web and watch squirrels play at the North Beach Wetlands Overlook Park.
  6. Take Time for a Picnic – Spring is the perfect time for a picnic. Bring a lunch and blanket and spread out on the beach at the Town of North Beach public beach or along the wooded path at Annmarie Sculpture Garden and Arts Center.

Looking for more? Visit our calendar for a list of upcoming spring events in Calvert County.