Agricultural Preservation


Calvert County created the first land preservation program in Maryland and currently has the most active transferable development rights (TDRs) program in the state. The TDR program allows a land owner to sell the development potential to another party. The sale requires the recording of restrictive covenants in land records, permanently subjecting the property to development restrictions in perpetuity. Subject to County regulations, a TDR purchaser can use TDRs to attain higher lot density on another property. The TDR program goal is to deter development of farms and forest lands to areas targeted for residential and commercial growth. The County's program works toward a goal of 40,000 acres preserved by partnering with other local organizations including:

And complementing the state's land preservation tools including:

Program Rules and Regulations

Calvert County Agricultural Preservation Rules and Regulations (PDF)

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All development projects utilizing Forest Conservation Transferable Development Rights (FC TDRs) must receive final approval on or before June 30, 2024.