False Alarm Reduction Unit


The False Alarm Reduction Unit is dedicated to establishing a mutually beneficial relationship between alarm users, alarm industry representatives and the Calvert County emergency responders to help reduce the number of false alarms in Calvert County through proper installation, maintenance, monitoring and efficient and effective use of alarm systems.

The Calvert County Board of County Commissioners adopted the Calvert County False Alarm Reduction Regulation in 2001, which requires alarm businesses that install, maintain, alter, sell, service or monitor alarm systems within Calvert County to register with the Calvert County False Alarm Reduction Unit. All locations within Calvert County that utilize an alarm system also must register.

Calvert County police, fire and emergency medical personnel respond to more than 5,000 false alarms annually (approximately 13 per day). However, less than 2 percent of all activated alarms are for actual emergencies.

Working together, alarm businesses, alarm users and the False Alarm Reduction Unit can dramatically reduce the number of false alarms in Calvert County.


  • Administering the false alarm appeals process
  • Assisting in the goal of reducing false alarms in Calvert County
  • Developing and administering a public information program to educate alarm systems users on provisions of the False Alarm Ordinance and the proper maintenance and use of alarm systems
  • Ensuring that appropriate inspections and upgrades of alarm systems occur
  • Licensing alarm businesses
  • Providing advance notification to alarm users and alarm businesses of applicable registration renewal dates
  • Registering alarm users
  • Sending notifications of false alarms and levying civil monetary penalties for excessive false alarms

Calvert County False Alarm Regulation

View entire regulation here (PDF).