Hallowing Point Park Second Entrance & Traffic Improvement Project


Calvert County has been investigating a safer and quicker means for the public to enter and exit Hallowing Point Park (HPP). The county has determined that creating a second entrance/exit from the back of the park would alleviate the current issues.

This involves building an access road from the back of HPP to Jibsail Drive and will include further modifications to surrounding roadways (e.g. Hallowing Point Road (MD 231), Skipjack Road and Jibsail Drive) to optimize traffic safety.

Project Timeline

Phase I (March-July 2020) - COMPLETE

  • Construct roadway from the back of HPP to Jibsail Drive
  • Redirect traffic using signage placed on Hallowing Point Road (MD 231) and Skipjack Road

Phase II (June 2023)

Project Update

The Calvert County Department of Public Works advises citizens that it will begin work this summer on traffic safety improvements to roadway intersections near Hallowing Point Park. The planned improvements are designed to allow safer and quicker access to Hallowing Point Park by addressing traffic safety issues and improving traffic flow.

Public Works completed the first phase of the improvement project in 2020 by constructing a second entrance at the back of Hallowing Point Park to alleviate traffic issues at the main park entrance on MD 231 (Hallowing Point Road). Additional project phases include further modifications to the main park entrance and the intersections of Skipjack Road and MD 231, and Jibsail Drive and MD 231.

Work is expected to begin as early as mid-June and will require the temporary closure of each intersection for several weeks while work is underway; the public will be notified of specific closure dates and detour routes prior to each phase via news release and social media. All work is weather permitting.

Quick Contact Numbers

Division Number
Engineering Transportation 410-535-2204
Project Management 410-535-2204
Water and Sewer 410-535-1600, ext. 2554
Highway Maintenance 410-535-0905
Solid Waste 410-326-0210
Fleet Maintenance 410-535-0167
General Services 410-535-1600, ext. 2327